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What are the best gift cards for gamers?


GameStop Gift Cards

If you’re looking for a winning gift card for all occasions you can’t go wrong with a GameStop Gift Card. By choosing a GameStop gift card you eliminate some of the specifics that go along with buying someone a more console specific gift. You don’t have to worry about Xbox versus PlayStation or what game they are obsessed with and what accessory they really want. From games and consoles to collectible figures and special deals GameStop has everything a gamer on your shopping list could want.

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Xbox Gift Cards

Give someone the gift of instant access to an incredible selection of downloadable content for games, high-definition movies, TV shows, and more. If all you’re hearing about is Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and Madden the person on your list with an Xbox already needs some help in buying all the extras they want. Both consoles have exclusive games and with highly anticipated games for the Xbox around the corner a twenty-five or fifty dollar gift card will go a long way.

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PlayStation Gift Cards

When you buy a PlayStation gift card you buy it for more than one console. The PS3, PS4 and PS Vita can all use these gift cards on the PlayStation Network. The PlayStation Network allows you purchase or rent a huge selection of HD movies and TV shows in addition to downloading games, add-ons to enhance your gaming experience. The Sony PlayStation also has exclusive games which make it hard to pass up an opportunity when an owner has a gift card to use. From Final Fantasy to Street Fighter (we love Street Fighter here) it is just a question of what new add-on or new game will require extra funds on the PlayStation Network.

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Steam Gift Cards

The people have spoke and in addition to the other options out there a Steam gift card may be the right move if you are looking for PC and Mac gaming gifts. A Steam gift card can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, wallet credit, and any other item you can purchase on Steam. If you don’t know if the person you’re buying would make good use out of a Steam gift card then we suggest another option – but if you know they would use it you can’t go wrong.

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Amazon Gift Cards

It is the place that has everything and anyone gamer or non-gamer can find something they want on Amazon. Great for the peripherals that are often times required with newer games and systems you will be safe in giving them a gift card that allows them to buy the items they want. I would love to buy my nephew all the Skylanders that he needs to play his favorite game but he has too many and at least this way he can find the ones that he wants the most. Give the gift of choice with Amazon.

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Dave & Busters Gift Card

Sometimes you just need to kick it old school. Even the most advanced gamer likes to go to Dave & Busters and play one of their hundreds of games. Whether you’re an expert on the pop-a-shot basketball hoops or you can beat anyone in a quiz competition who doesn’t like getting tickets and using them to buy something crazy? Sometimes a day at the arcade is just what you need to forget about school, work, or anything else and just concentrate on your favorite Dave & Busters game.

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