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What are the best gift cards for teachers?


Starbucks Gift Cards

Teachers are up early and teaching your kids all day. As a parent I know that taking care of two kids for an entire day requires coffee and for teachers with classrooms full of children – they are likely to enjoy a little caffeine. If your favorite teachers go to Starbucks often this is a gift that will keep them going and keep their money in their pocket.

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Southwest Gift Cards

The teachers of your children work hard all year long and when they are finished for the summer, or for a big holiday, many of them want to escape and unwind. For many of these teachers that means a big vacation with their family and those costs add up fast on a teachers salary. We believe that one of the best things you can do is help them get the rest they have earned. Let them go enjoy time with their family and let them do it without breaking their bank. Make that flight a little more possible.

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Restaurant Gift Cards

If you consider the original plan to give your teacher a great vacation then having a great meal is the other item missing from this list. These gift cards are great for vacations or weekends. Some gifts you can use anytime and a nice night out for a teacher is going to go a long way. Let them splurge at a nice steak house or have them sitting on the water forgetting everything about the classroom and finally relaxing.

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Amazon Gift Cards

It is the place that has everything that a teacher could want. One thing that I know when it comes to teachers is that they are self-less and often use their own money to buy supplies for their classrooms. Although I really hope that they take this gift card for themselves – if they do decide they need something for their classroom at least you are helping them by giving them funds to do so.

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