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Why buy an Amazon giftcard?

It’s finally happened. You have searched high and low for the perfect gift and you can’t find that tangible from the store present for your friends or family. You spent hours talking to your co-worker just to get some idea of what store or restaurant they may want to go to with their wife but you were unable to get even a glimpse into what their ideal gift would be. Sure, you could take a gamble but why take the chance? There is a perfectly legitimate alternative: the Amazon Giftcard.

What makes it so great?

The reason is quite simple. By giving a giftcard to you are putting the buying power in the hands of the recipient. You can buy just about anything on whether you’re looking for tools, trading cards, televisions, or wine – you’ll find it there. It really is the perfect gift for the person that has everything or for the person that you just do not know what to buy. You take the problem out of your hands and give them the option to find something that they really want to buy and purchase it.

But won’t they be mad?

There is the possibility that the person who receives the giftcard may think that you took the easy way out. However, if this person is truly difficult to buy for they likely know that is the case. I have a good friend that has just about anything they could want so buying them something is nearly impossible. Each year for Christmas I buy them the holiday Amazon Giftcard and attach a note describing all of the great things we’ve done in the previous year and remind them why they are one of my best friends. A personal sentiment and a chance to go buy any random thing they might want easily negates the chance of them disliking the card.

Are there any limitations?

One of the great things about is that you can buy almost anything. You have the opportunity to choose from millions of products – and there is sure to be something for everyone on their site. The giftcard does have one major limitation. You generally cannot buy another giftcard using your Amazon giftcard. This means that if someone wanted to take a $50 Amazon giftcard and buy a $50 Starbucks card – they could not do that. However, most products they would want are going to be on the actual site anyway.