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How much should I give on a giftcard?

How much is right?The question of how much you should give on a giftcard can be tricky. How much is too much and how much is not enough? Are you going to look like the monopoly man at your secret Santa party or are you going to look like your nephew giving out half eaten candy bars at his birthday party? There are three main giftcard amounts that you will decide between. Below we will analyze each and give you an idea of who may fall into each group.

$25 Giftcard
The $25 giftcard is the go to, standard, amount. It is the most common amount you are going to see when you are looking for giftcards. The nice thing about this amount is that you will have a larger variety to choose from. If you are in a store, or online, you will find more options in the $25 range. The larger variety gives you one important advantage when giving a giftcard as a gift: options. Having options is important because the people you are buying this size card for vary. That being said these are the people, and events, we believe this amount is most appropriate for.

People Events
Friends Birthdays
Family Holidays
Co-workers Holidays Party’s (Secret Santa)
Employees Thank You’s & Congratulations

$50 Giftcard
If you are considering the $50 giftcard you clearly think the person who will be receiving it is worth it. When you are bumping the value up it means that you believe that $25 is not going to be enough for the person or the store may be more expensive and require a larger amount to make an impact on a purchase. Due to the nature of this larger gift we suggest the following people and events.

People Events
Friends Birthdays
Family Major Holidays
Employees Weddings & Births
Showers ( baby, wedding, etc)
Congratulations( Graduations, etc )

$100 Giftcard
Well it looks like someone is trying to make a good impression with a big gift. If you have decided to go the $100 giftcard route you should be giving this for a big event and it should be limited to friends and family in our opinion. There will of course be times where this may not apply but in general we believe that bigger giftcards are for select people and events. You do not want to give a $100 giftcard when someone will think you have overspent on them – for that reason we suggest the following.

People Events
Family Weddings
Friends Monumental Birthdays
Graduations ( High School, College, etc)

You can justify any amount for the right person and the appropriate event. The key is to know the person and know what the expectation is for them and the reason behind giving them the gift. Our guidelines are just that, guidelines. It is up to you what value you place on the card so choose one that will put a smile on their face and good luck!